One question donors ask is whether we are making a difference in helping people so that they NO LONGER need our services.  The Golden Corner Food Pantry mission is to provide emergency and supplemental food to help people get through difficult times until they can improve their life. And for many of our clients this is exactly what happens. A review of client data shows that about 60% of clients registered since 2010 either no longer come or come only a few  times per year. Unemployed clients go to the South Carolina Unemployment office or Goodwill Job Connection each month before coming to the Food Pantry in order to qualify for food. This process ensures they have current job applications so that many of these clients have since found work.

In order to help clients even more, we established a Make Life Better program with other local agencies and churches. Under this program we guide clients with a summary of other support organizations in Oconee County including information on how a client can access services for job training, medical help, disability evaluation, spiritual support, financial counseling, help with finding shelter and clothing, pregnancy counseling, relationship counseling, education/GED, and family counseling. Several thousand clients have requested help since this program started. Check out the Oconee County Resources section to learn more.

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