We’ve all seen the food shortages due to Covid19 crisis. Well, more than half of the Food Pantry food comes from our wonderful grocery donors (Publix, Walmart, Food Lion, Bi-Lo, and Aldis) and, naturally we’ve seen huge reduction in donations from these stores as they struggle to fill their shelves. Partially offsetting this, we’ve been blessed with several local farms and suppliers helping out with produce (such as lettuce and turnips) and even eggs and bread (which have been nearly impossible to get otherwise). Our heartfelt thanks to all those who are reaching out to help us during this difficult time.

  • Bill, and his son Will, show in the photo, brought us over 200 dozen eggs from Wayward Acres Farm in Pickens. What a miracle!
  • Turnips were donated and delivered by Luke Brown and his family from McLadke Orchards in Seneca. The clients loved these turnips / turnip greens and even compared recipes as they waited in line before we opened.
  • Lots and lots of all different varieties of fresh lettuce were donated and delivered by Chris Simpson from Natural Farms of the Carolinas in West Union.
  • Village Bakery on the square in Pendleton has been baking 50 loaves of delicious white, sliced, bagged bread per day and supplying them to the Food Pantry at a greatly reduced cost that just covers their labor.
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