In December 2021, more than 400 clients participated in our annual survey. We asked them, among other things, if they knew anyone who could be coming to the Food Pantry but isn’t, and if so, why not? The number one reason? Transportation. Number two? Pride. Following this survey, we held a series of Client Advisory meetings to learn more about how our clients get by from month to month and what we could do to help them. Using the survey results and the feedback from our advisory meetings, we have looked for ways to better meet the needs of our current clients and to increase our outreach to assist even more Oconee County residents experiencing food insecurity. As a result, we have implemented some NEW ideas in 2022/23: Client Choice Shopping and Mobile Food Pantry. These very popular and growing programs became part of our program offerings as a result of what you told us. Thank you for participating in our annual survey each year!

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