Since June 2022, on every Monday afternoon, we transform a portion of our distribution area, which is adjacent to our reception area, into a small, bright, well-organized, grocery store for Client-Choice Shopping on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and now on Thursdays too. Moving through the “store” with their rolling cart, clients shop the eight different food stations including nonperishable staples, fruits & vegetables, milk & eggs, assorted “extras”, frozen meat, breads & pastries and more. At each station, our clients are greeted by a friendly volunteer, helping to answer questions, maybe share a recipe, and pack their food selections. The feedback from clients has been overwhelmingly positive. The shopping process takes a little longer than receiving a prepacked cart, but the comments we hear again and again are that the benefits of getting food that they have chosen, that meets the tastes and dietary needs of their family is well worth it! Folks with special dietary needs can skip the foods they can’t eat and get more of what they can eat. Food waste is reduced and smiles are increased. Most clients who have shopped for their food come back each month on Client-Choice shopping days now. “Best thing you have ever done!”

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