Hunger in the Upstate

A study by The Food Research and Action Center found that between 2008 and 2012, 26.7% of households in South Carolina had experienced food hardship, well above the national average of 23.5%. Feeding America studies show that in 2013 over 14.1% of the people, or over 10,000 people in Oconee County, were “food insecure.” The USDA defines food insecurity as meaning “consistent access to adequate food is limited by lack of money and other resources at times during the year.”

We work every day at the Golden Corner Food Pantry to help our neighbors work through their food insecurity issues. Our mission is to provide emergency and supplemental food to disadvantaged and low-income residents of Oconee County. We provide food for temporary relief until people can get back on their feet (emergency) or food for those who can’t quite make ends meet and need occasional help in getting by (supplemental). Our Daily Food Program helps families and single mothers transition through unexpected events and periods of unemployment. Our Food for Senior Program ensures seniors have sufficient and balanced food to improve their quality of life. With no time limit on our service, the chronically poor always have a place to go to meet their basic food needs. Some clients do come every month, but many come only for a few months until they get back on their feet. Others just come a few times a year when they run into shortages or financial issues and need help feeding their family. Whether they are seniors, single mothers, or families; or regular or occasional clients; one thing is the same: People tell us they couldn’t make it without the help they get from the Golden Corner Food Pantry.

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