We distribute about 1.2 million pounds of food annually to an average of 1,150 households per month, including nearly 500 seniors. All distribution is based on need, tied to federal poverty guidelines, and verified regularly. Clients can come once a month and typically receive several weeks’ worth of food. Our “Daily Food Program” helps families and single mothers transition through unexpected events and periods of unemployment.  Our “Food For Seniors” Program ensures seniors have sufficient and balanced food to improve their quality of life.

Some clients do come every month, but many come only for a few months until they get back on their feet. Others just come a few times a year when they run into shortages or financial issues and need help feeding their family. Whether they are seniors, single mothers, or families; or regular or occasional clients; one thing is the same: People tell us they couldn’t make it without the help they get from the Golden Corner Food Pantry.

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