These are actual quotes from seniors and family household clients are a sample of the comments we have received over the past few years.  They inspire us every day:

“Your kindness, caring, and thoughtfulness made a huge difference in my life on March 23, 2017. You will never know the way my life changed that day because of your Christian attitude and willingness to help your fellow man. I had personally given up on my fellow man … until you showed me that humans still have feelings of compassion inside them somewhere. Because of you, I have tried my best to do at least one random act of kindness every day!”

“Thank you for sharing the bounty. Thank you for treating me with dignity and respect. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.”

“Golden Corner has been wonderful in helping keep my family fed and are always friendly.  Just wanted to say thank you tremendously” 

“Thank you so much for all that you guys do and have done for my family and me. It’s not just the food, but its just everyone that works there makes me feel so welcome…..”

“I thank God for your help and the help of SHARE.  People like you are a blessing in my life. God Bless you and thank you so much”

“The Lord will bless you for the wonderful deeds or work you do for the poor and hungry.  Thank you so much.  The other items are very useful as well.”

“God Bless you all.  I lost my pension when the company I worked for failed.  I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“I lost my job in January.  This is my first time here.  I felt bad about coming but I needed temporary help.  I have three kids at home and I don’t want to become dependent on welfare.”

“I am on disability and I didn’t want to come.  I use the little disability payments I get to buy some food, but the Food Pantry really work for me.  I use everything I get.  It also allows me to pay a little on my medical bills.”

“I’m a single mother.  I don’t come every month but when I run out of money the Food Pantry helps us make it.  I call it a blessing from the Lord.”

“We have four children and I consider the Food Pantry a real blessing.  This is my fourth time and I hope not to have to come next month.”

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