Over 2,000 clients have asked for help. Here are the types of assistance requested:

45% asked for clothing help – we send them to Salvation Army which has been very effective! Over 50 clients have gotten clothing! Lots of positive feedback.

33% ask for help finding a job – we send them to Goodwill Job Connection or SCWorks. Feedback indicates a fair number of clients have applied for jobs/interviewed and 28 clients have found jobs!

25% ask for medical help – we send them to Rosa Clark and Mountain Lakes Access, and help them contact Lion’s Club for eyeglasses. Rosa Clark has been proactive in contacting clients and trying to help them. Over 50 clients have gotten medical help, including eyeglasses!

18% ask for help with a GED – we send them to Oconee Adult Ed. Office. Nine clients have gotten their GEDs and a dozen more are in classes!

11% ask for financial/family counseling – we send them to United Way agencies Family Friends and Ripple of One and we’ve confirmed that multiple contacts have been made.

9% ask for shelter/housing assistance – we send them to Our Daily Rest, or Habitat, AND we’ve added info on low cost housing locations in our area and how to apply to our brochure wall for interviewers to guide them to these locations.

9% ask for help with a disability evaluation – we send them to SCVRD. At least one family has come back and said they got meaningful help.

8% ask for Spiritual support – we send them to various churches and several clients have confirmed being linked up.

10% ask for money help for rent/utilities – we send them to SHARE/Oconee Presbyterian fund. Clients report back that they’ve been helped a lot by these agencies.

2% ask for Pregnancy Help – we send them to Foothills Pregnancy Care Center and five clients have confirmed receiving help.

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